European Ski Resorts A-Z

Cervinia, Italy

Resort height:





 (1525-3820m incl. Zermatt)



 (350km incl. Zermatt)


General snow cover




Snow quality (upper)



Snow quality (lower)



Resort level snow



Powder potential


Despite the westerly aspect of its main slopes (they get a lot of afternoon sun) Cervinia is comfortably the most snow-sure of the major Italian resorts.


Height is key. The village sits at 2050m with slopes reaching 3450m (3820m if you count Zermatt). Nowhere else in Italy comes close to offering this extent of high altitude terrain. Nor, if you include Zermatt, does anywhere else in Italy offer such extensive glacial terrain.

Where to ski in bad weather:

Cervinia has hardly any trees and is very exposed in bad weather. Stay low is our best advice, but that is easier said than done in Cervinia!

Where to head in poor snow conditions:

Cervinia has a lot of high altitude skiing and it is rare not to be able to find good snow on the upper half of the mountain. In the unlikely event that conditions are very poor, head to the Plateau Rosa and beyond into Switzerland, where there is lots of glacial terrain.

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