European Ski Resorts A-Z

Les 2 Alpes, France

Resort height:










General snow cover




Snow quality (upper)




Snow quality (lower)




Resort level snow




Powder potential



Les 2 Alpes has France’s best glacier and highest pistes. Most of the slopes in its main sector also face north and the upper mountain is often in great shape.


If there’s one obvious weakness, it’s the runs back to resort. These face west, get a lot of afternoon sun and are often icy or slushy. By contrast, the smaller and little used Vallée Blanche sector is much lower, gets the morning sun and quickly loses its snow in warm weather.


Snow-making covers many of the lower slopes, but is far from comprehensive.

Where to ski in bad weather:

Les 2 Alpes has very few trees and offers very little shelter in bad weather. Our best advice is just to stay low (or go on a day drip to Serre Chevalier).

Where to head in poor snow conditions:

Les 2 Alpes is fortunate to have one of the best skiable glaciers in the Alps, which nearly always offers good snow.