About us

weathertoski.co.uk is the brainchild of Fraser Wilkin, freelance journalist and snow reporter, and is the result of a lifetime's research into Alpine weather and snow conditions. 


The aim of the site is simple – to provide clear, unbiased, regularly updated snow and weather information for skiers and snowboarders.  Unlike many other sources of snow information, all content is personally researched and written.  No automated feeds, no symbols, no gimmicks.

About Fraser Wilkin

Fraser Wilkin is a freelance journalist, snow reporter, and acknowledged authority on Alpine meteorology.


His obsession with snow started in Morzine in 1978, when he learned to ski in the mother of all winters.  Fraser never looked back, and by the age of 14 was contributing to "The Good Skiing Guide" (now Where to Ski and Snowboard) which served as a platform for a career in the ski industry.


Since graduating in 1997, Fraser has worked for several specialist tour operators and is a regular contributor of snow reports and articles to a variety of publications including Metro, the FT, the Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine, welove2ski.com and Planetski.eu


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