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Updated: 10am Tuesday 22 September 2020 - Big early snowfalls on their way to the Alps!


Fasten your seatbelts! A dramatic change in the weather in the Alps is expected by the end of this week, with temperatures set to drop by at least 15°C and heavy snow falling to relatively low levels, especially across the northern Alps... Read more 

Meteociel chart for 26 September 2020 - Weather to ski – Today in the Alps, 22 September 2020 Major Arctic blast set to hit the Alps this weekend (26-27 September), bringing significant snow to many parts of the Alps, especially the north – Image:, 22 September 2020

Who got the most snow in the Alps in 2019-20?

The 2019-20 ski season was the mildest ever in the Alps…


Read our full review of the 2019-20 ski season and find out who got the most snow in the Alps

Snow reports and weather & snow forecasts will return in Autumn 2020

Top 10 early season ski resorts

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Snowfall patterns in the French Alps

16 September 2020


Ever wondered why some areas of the French Alps get more snow than others?


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Is this the best piste in the Alps?

 8 November 2019 


With 2026m vertical, varied terrain and fantastic views, is the Aiguille Rouge in Les Arcs the best piste in the Alps?


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How snow-sure and weatherproof is Val Cenis?

13 March 2019


Val Cenis is becoming increasingly popular. But how snow-sure and weather proof is it?


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Flaine lives up to its snowy reputation

12 February 2019


Guest blogger April Tod extols the virtues of Flaine as a classic short ski break destination...


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Is Flaine one of the most underrated ski resorts in France?

28 June 2018


With extensive, varied snow-sure slopes, Flaine is surely among the top resorts in France...


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Snow Reliability - Ski Resorts A-Z

Planning a ski trip? 


Here you'll find our comprehensive assessment of snow reliability in European and North American ski resorts.


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The snow quality equation

Rightly or wrongly, the quality of the snow (never mind the state of the weather) can make or break your holiday, particularly if it is your first time in a resort.  Here we explain the factors making up the "snow quality equation", which should allow you to make a more informed choice as to where and when you next hit the slopes.  


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Early season snow conditions in the Alps

14 June 2016


An early season ski holiday can sometimes be seen as a risky business, but is it really that much of a gamble?


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