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Serre Chevalier, France

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Serre Chevalier sits deep within the southern Alps where the climate is relatively dry and snowfall can be erratic. Conditions can sometimes be excellent when more northerly resorts are struggling and vice versa.


With most of its slopes facing north or north-east, however, snow cover in Serre Chevalier is pretty reliable, particularly at altitude where snow quality is also good for much of the season.

Where to ski in bad weather:

Serre Chevalier has one of the greatest extents of tree skiing in the French Alps, affording lots of shelter in bad weather.


If we were to choose one area in a whiteout, however, it would be the slopes immediately above Le Monêtier.

Where to head in poor snow conditions:

The area above Le Monêtier is also likely to have the best snow conditions, especially the upper bowls which reach over 2700m and face north.

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