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Les Saisies, France

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Les Saisies is the highest of the resorts that make up L'Espace Diamant, and has a reputation for heavy snowfall. Snow cover is therefore reliable locally, but the area simply isn't high enough to guarantee consistently good snow quality.


Les Saisies is connected to a number of other resorts including Crest-Voland, Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe and, further still, Praz-sur-Arly, all of which are lower and more vulnerable, espcially in warm weather.

Where to ski in bad weather:

If visibility is really bad, stay on the La Légette/Chard du Beurre side of the resort which is thickly wooded.

Where to head in poor snow conditions:

If you can get to it, the best snow in Les Saisies is often on the upper half of the Crête du Midi/Ban Rouge sector above Praz-sur-Arly.