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Andermatt, Switzerland

Resort height:










General snow cover




Snow quality (upper)



Snow quality (lower)



Resort level snow



Powder potential


Andermatt has a reputation for snow that few Alpine resorts can rival, thanks to its famous microclimate. Unlike most resorts, significant snow can arrive here from almost any direction.


The main Gemsstock mountain is also high and north-facing and so snow quality is often excellent. Conditions on the smaller Nätschen area are more variable as it is more exposed to the sun.

Where to ski in bad weather:

Andermatt's ski area has little shelter in bad weather, with just a smattering of trees on some of the lower runs. The best advice is simply to stay as low as possible, or take the train to Sedrun, where the supply of trees is a little more generous.

Where to ski in poor snow conditions:

The upper half of the main Gemsstock area is by far the most reliable area for snow in the Andermatt-Sedrun 'skiarena'. Note, however, that the runs of the top of the Gemsstock are only suitable for confident skiers.

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