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Updated: 9.15am Monday 7 July 2014 - Major deterioration in the Alpine weather


It’s about to turn unseasonably cold and wet in the Alps with significant snow at altitude, particularly in the north.

Tignes, France First signs of deteriorating weather over the Grande Motte glacier in Tignes - Photo:

The weather will start to deteriorate from the west today (Monday) but it will be tomorrow that the temperature really plummets with snow as low as 2200m – perhaps even under 2000m in places by Wednesday morning. Needless to say this spells bad news for walkers, but at least there will be new snow for the glaciers which should provide some excellent skiing once the weather settles down.


Generally speaking, the worst of the weather will be on the northern side of the Alps this week, but most areas can expect some showers and unseasonably cold temperatures, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Snow forecasts and snow reports will be back in Autumn 2014

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