Today in the Alps...

Updated: 9.30am Wednesday 23 April 2014 - Sunny spells, a few showers


It’s a bright start across much of the Alps but, just as yesterday, a few showers will develop as the day goes on, these most likely in the north with a rain/snow limit around 2300m.

Tignes, France Sunny this morning in Tignes, but clouds are likely to bubble up later in the day - Photo:

Expect typical spring conditions on the slopes today thanks to at least partially clear skies last night. This means that there is some hard snow around first thing this morning, but only on north-facing slopes above 2500m can you hope for the snow to remain grippy all day. 


Updated: Tuesday 22 April 2014 - Variable cloud, isolated showers or storms later


It’s not a bad day across many parts of the Alps, with variable cloud and sunny spells. Mostly places will stay dry, but a few showers are possible here and there, especially this afternoon with the risk of thunder (snow 2000m).

Val d’Isère, France Mostly dry with sunny spells today in Val d’Isère, where the snow is still good at altitude - Photo:

Conditions are very mixed – generally good at altitude, where there has been some fresh snow over the last few days (e.g. Val d'Isère), but often quite poor lower down (where open).


The extended forecast is for sunny spells and showers or longer spells of rain (snow at altitude) particularly later in the week. It will be relatively (but not excessively) mild, with the rain/snow limit around 2000-2300m.

Updated: 1.35pm Monday 21 April 2014 - Mild and mixed


It’s a mostly cloudy picture across the Alps today with only a few brighter spells here and there. There are also some showers around (snow above 1800-2200m) but, generally speaking, this won’t be significant and some places will stay dry. 

Hintertux, Austria Variable cloud and variable conditions across the Alps this week. This is Hintertux - Photo:

With cloudier skies over the last few days the freeze-thaw cycle has been interrupted and only the highest slopes can guarantee "wintry" snow all day long. The upper slopes of Val d'Isère/Tignes, Val Thorens, Les 2 Alpes, Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Obergurgl, Sölden, and Hintertux are all good examples of this.


Lower down, it's a bit of a mushy mess, but with partially clear skies (in places) tonight the snow might just refreeze in places allowing a short window of opportunity for some decent skiing tomorrow morning. However, cloud amounts will be highly variable this week and so a lot of this will be down to luck.

Updated: 7.50am Saturday 19 April 2014 - Temporary return to winter for some is in Avoriaz this week where we had about 2-5cm of snow last night depending on altitude. This morning it is trying to clear up but there is still plenty of cloud around with temperatures near freezing.

Avoriaz, France Brightening up this morning with a dusting of new snow in Avoriaz - Photo:

Many other parts of the Alps have also have also seen at least a little snow, some rather more than that – for example, 28cm has fallen at 2150m above Engelberg in the last 24 hours, and 21cm at the same height above Wengen ( Männlichen).  


Today the heaviest snow has transferred further south, affecting parts of Italy and spilling into southern Switzerland (e.g. Saas-Fee).  Many parts of the Alps will, however, be mostly dry with just a scattering of showers. Temperatures will be below average in most regions, reaching just 4°C in Zermatt (1620m), but milder in the east with 15°C in Kitzbühel (760m). 

Updated: 9.20am Friday 18 April 2014 – Cloudier, snow for some is in Avoriaz where it has clouded over during the night as a weak cold front approached from the north. This is likely to bring us some light snow later today, but not in any great quantity.

Avoriaz, Portes du Soleil Cloudy this morning in Avoriaz, with light snow expected later - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps it is also turning more unsettled with some snow in the forecast, mostly across the northern Alps today but favouring the southern Alps more tomorrow (Saturday). Generally speaking, most places will not see a huge amount of snow over the next 48 hours, but 40cm+ is possible in a few favoured spots, most likely in the southern Swiss and Italian Alps.

Updated: 7.45am Thursday 17 April 2014 - Mostly sunny, a little warmer is in Avoriaz this week where we again have clear blue skies this morning. After a relatively chilly couple of days where freezing levels have barely got above 2200m, temperatures are on the rise with 9 or 10°C expected this afternoon in resort.

Avoriaz, France Clear blue skies again this morning in Avoriaz - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps, snow showers in Austria have now moved away and it should be sunny across the board. It will be coldest in the east with temperatures reaching 10°C in Kitzbühel (760m), 12°C in Zermatt (1620m) and 7°C in Tignes (2100m). Tomorrow (Friday) the weather starts to turn more unsettled with some snow expected over the next couple of days, chiefly in the south. 

Updated: 7.50am Wednesday 16 April 2014 - Cold, mostly sunny


Weathertoski  is in Avoriaz this week where the weather began warm but has turned much colder over the last 36 hours. It remains perfectly sunny, but the temperature first thing this morning is several degrees below freezing and is only expected to reach 4 or 5°C max this afternoon. 

Avoriaz, France Cold and clear in Avoriaz this morning - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps there is also plenty of sunshine, although cloud cover remains more variable over Austria where there are still one or two flurries. Parts of Austria have seen significant snow over the last couple of days though many of the smaller resorts are now closed for the season.