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Updated: 9.25am Monday 29 June 2015 - Major heatwave for western Alps


A serious heatwave is forecast for the western Alps this week with temperatures into the mid 30°C’s in the lower Alpine valleys, and freezing levels reaching 4700m (that’s almost the height of Mont Blanc)…

Grande Motte glacier, Tignes, France Summer skiing in Tignes opened last weekend with conditions already looking a little worn - Photo:

Indeed, Météo France have issued alerts for much of France, with the hottest weather in the south-west of the country early in the week (Bordeaux could hit 40°C on Tuesday) spreading to the Rhônes-Alpes region later.


Remarkably, Chamonix (1035m) should exceed 30°C every day this week with 33-34°C possible from Wednesday onwards. What’s more, the exceptionally high temperatures show little sign of letting up and are likely to continue over the weekend and into next week. In short, it is the most serious heatwave in France since 2003, with some early July records likely to be broken.


Although still hot, the eastern Alps (especially Austria) will be less affected.  

It has been well documented how Alpine glaciers have been shrinking in recent years with numerous summer ski areas forced to close over the last decade or two, including VerbierVal ThorensLa Plagne and St Moritz.


The imminent heatwave is not good news for the remaining glaciers, which will be taking a hammering over the next couple of weeks and could be increasingly difficult to maintain (for skiers) later in the summer. The Grande Motte glacier in Tignes, for example, is vulnerable to hot summers and although it only reopened on Saturday is already looking a little bit worn...

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Updated: 9.45am Thursday 25 June 2015 – Heatwave imminent


There are currently eight Alpine glaciers available for summer skiing, with a couple more due to open this weekend.

Passo Stelvio, Italy Good skiing available on the glacier at Passo Stelvio - Photo:

In Austria the best bet is Hintertux, which offers around 21km of pistes and is open 365 days a year. The Stubai glacier is another good option, but will only operate until 3 July. More limited options are the Mölltaler glacier in Carinthia which has three runs open throughout the summer and (further north) the Dachstein glacier which will continue “until the snow runs out”, typically early to mid-July.


In Italy you can ski on the underrated Passo Stelvio glacier near Bormio and, as of this weekend (27 July) in Cervinia, where the glacier is shared with Zermatt.


In France you can ski on the relatively small Pisaillas glacier above Val d’Isère until 12 July. The nearby Grande Motte glacier above Tignes is more extensive and open until 9 August. The best option in France though is probably Les 2 Alpes (the largest skiable glacier in the Alps) which remains open until 29 August.


In Switzerland you can only ski in Zermatt, which is open most of the year, with Saas-Fee joining the fray from 19 July onwards.


So far, the snow is holding up quite well, especially on the glaciers of the eastern Alps such as Hintertux and Passo Stelvio. It is, however, forecast to get very hot in the Alps next week which could (should it continue) cause problems with the snow cover later in the summer season. 

Updated: 10.20am Friday 12 June 2015 – Summer ski season “warming up”


June is probably the quietest month for skiing in the Alps. Right now you can ski on six Alpine glaciers - Passo Stelvio in Italy, Val d’Isère in France, Zermatt in Switzerland and Stubai, Hintertux, and Dachstein in Austria.

Passo Stelvio, Italy Decent conditions on the glacier above Passo Stelvio, Italy - Photo:

Following a colder and snowier than average May, early summer skiing conditions have been pretty good so far this season. However, June has been much warmer and it remains to be seen how things will hold up later in July and into August.


The next summer ski area to open will be Les 2 Alpes on 20 June, followed by Tignes and Cervinia on 27 June, and Saas-Fee on 19 July. 

Updated: 10am Monday 1 June 2015 - Alpine glaciers in good shape – for now…


It’s June - traditionally the quietest time on the slopes, at least when it comes to skiing in the Alps! That said, conditions on the glaciers are pretty good right now thanks to a cooler and snowier than average May.

Stubai, Austria Excellent snow conditions right now on the Stubai glacier - Photo:

The weather is changing, however, with heatwave conditions expected later this week. Indeed temperatures are likely reach the lower 30°Cs in some of the Alpine valleys on Thursday/Friday, with freezing levels above 4000m!


This won’t present any immediate problems for summer skiers – the glaciers normally hold up quite well in June regardless of the weather. It is worth noting, though, that successive or prolonged heatwaves can leave some summer ski areas threadbare later in the summer – something to keep an eye on.


Right now you can ski on four glaciers in Austria – Hintertux (open 365 days a year), Stubai (open until 3 July), Kaunertal open until 7 June and Dachstein (open until the snow runs out!).


In Italy, Cervinia is now closed until 28 June, but further east the glacier at Passo Stelvio opened on Saturday and will remain open all summer.


It is not currently possible to ski in France right now, but Val d’Isère opens its Pissaillas glacier from 6 June to 12 July. Opening later this month are Les 2 Alpes (20 June to 29 August) and Tignes (27 June to 9 August). 


In Switzerland the only option right now is Zermatt (open most of the year).  

Updated: 9.30am Thursday 21 May 2015 - Further significant snowfalls in the Alps


It’s unseasonably cold in the Alps right now, with significant new snow in many places. This is great news for the glaciers of course, with 50cm of fresh reported in Hintertux  this morning and 40cm+ in Stubai, Kitzsteinhorn and Kaunertal. Further west, Engelberg also reports 40cm on its Titlis glacier, scheduled to close this weekend.

Engelberg, Switzerland Big snowfalls in the Engelberg area, even below glacier level - Photo:

The snow hasn’t just been confined to the glaciers either, with a temporary dusting to below 1000m in some northern parts of the Alps. More snow is expected to relatively low altitudes today, heaviest in the central and eastern Alps.

Livigno, Italy Heavy snow in Livigno, even at resort level- Photo:

In Austria - you can still ski in Hintertux (open 365 days a year), Kaunertal (closes 7 June) Kitzsteinhorn (closes 25 May) and Dachstein (no fixed closing date).


In Switzerland - Zermatt offers year round skiing but Engelberg and Diavolezza (near St Moritz) are scheduled to close on 25 May.


In Italy - Cervinia is open until the end of May, but only at weekends.

Skiing resumes in France on the Pissaillas glacier above Val d’Isère on 6 June. 

Updated: 9.20am Tuesday 19 May 2015 - Unsettled, further snow for the glaciers


The Alps are entering another unseasonably cool spell of weather, with snow to relatively low altitudes over the next few days, especially in Austria.

Stubai glacier, Austria Good snow cover still on the Stubai glacier south of Innsbruck - Photo:

Although there aren’t any resorts open in France right now, this cooler weather is good news for Val d’Isère which will be the first resort to open (in France) for summer skiing on 6 June. A few cm of snow are expected here over the next few days, but nothing significant.


In Switzerland, you can ski most days in Zermatt (weather and lift maintenance permitting), on the Diavolezza glacier near St Moritz (until 25 May) and on the Titlis glacier above Engelberg (also until 25 May). Some fresh snow is expected over the next couple of days, generally light in the southern Swiss Alps (Zermatt), but heavier further north (Engelberg) where it may briefly settle to 1500m or lower.


In Italy you can still ski at altitude in Cervinia, though only at weekends until the end of May. Access to the glacier (shared with Zermatt) is then possible again from late June. Further east, the glacier at Passo Stelvio near Bormio opens on 30 May. Again, some snow is expected in Cervinia over the next few days though generally in modest quantities.


Austria offers the greatest number of skiing options at this time of year. Hintertux (open 365 days a year) is our pick right now, but you can also ski on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier near Kaprun (closes 25 May), the Dachstein glacier (no confirmed closing date as yet), the Kaunertal glacier (closes 7 June) and the Stubai glacier (closes 3 July). Austria will see the lion’s share of snow over the next few days with 50cm+ possible in places. It may also (temporarily) settle to 1500m or lower.

Updated: 9.15am Friday 15 May 2015 - Heavy snow for parts of the Alps!


On Wednesday the temperature hit 20°C at 2000m in the Alps, but today it is snowing as low as 1200m in some parts!

Engelberg, Switzerland Heavy snow on the slopes of Engelberg this morning! Photo:

The snow comes too late for the main ski season of course, but it will provide a welcome boost for the Alpine glaciers after the relatively modest snowfalls of the winter.


The heaviest snow will be in the western half of the Alps where 15-30cm will fall quite widely above 2000m, with 50cm+ in one or two favoured spots. An injection of unusually frigid air will also send the rain/snow level as low as 1200m across some northern parts of the Alps in the middle of the day, before rising again later. The wintry snap won’t last though, with freezing levels set to exceed 3000m again on Saturday.


Weather-permitting the following ski areas are open right now:


Switzerland – ZermattEngelbergDiavolezza


Italy – Cervinia (weekends only)


Austria – HintertuxStubaiKaunertalKitzsteinhornDachstein

Updated: 12.35pm Sunday 10 May 2015 - The official end of the winter season


It’s a fabulous final day of the “winter” season in Tignes and Val Thorens, with deep blue skies and freezing levels at around 3300m.

Tignes, France Perfect day on the Grande Motte glacier to end the season in Tignes – Photo:

Indeed it’s a fine day across most of the Alps, though there is some patchy cloud around in Austria.


Today also sees the closure of the Carosello 3000 area in Livigno, the last entirely non-glacial resort to be offering skiing this season.


From tomorrow, snow sports in the Alps will be confined to the glaciers – e.g. Hintertux and Stubai in Austria, Zermatt in Switzerland and Cervinia (weekends only) in Italy. After today France will not have any skiing on offer until 6 June, when Val d’Isère reopens its Pisaillas glacier for its short summer season.


This is also our final “Today in the Alps” of the season, but we will be bringing you regular updates in our “Snow News” section, including reports on the best places to ski throughout the summer months - so stay tuned... 

Updated: 11.15am Friday 8 May 2015 - Showers and thunderstorms developing


After a mostly dry start to the day with plenty of sunshine, showers and thunderstorms will develop - first in the west then affecting many other parts of the Alps later in the day and into tonight.

Val Thorens, France Showers or thunderstorms later today in Val Thorens, which remains open until Sunday - Photo:

The rain/snow limit will start around 2600m, lowering a little tonight which is good news for the handful of high altitude ski areas still open.


In France you can still ski in Val Thorens and Tignes (until Sunday 10 May only).


In Italy you can still ski in Livigno (until 10 May) with Cervinia open at weekends.


In Switzerland you can still ski in ZermattEngelberg and Diavolezza (near St Moritz).


As usual at this time of year Austria has the most options, the best of which are at HintertuxKaprun and Stubai

Updated: 9.15am Thursday 7 May 2015 - Mostly fine


Most of the Alps are in for a fine day today, with plenty of sunshine and just a scattering of showers in the east – notably in the eastern Austrian Alps (snow 2300m).

Mölltal, Austria Fabulous conditions on the Mölltal glacier today - Photo:

Temperatures will be close to or even a little below normal for the time of year (with afternoon freezing levels between 2600m in the east and 3100m in the west) which means pretty good snow conditions in the few Alpine resorts (mostly glaciers) still open.


In France you can still ski in Val Thorens and Tignes, but only until this weekend (Sunday 10 May).


In Italy you can ski in Cervinia until the end of May, but only at weekends. The only other option right now is the Carosello 3000 area of Livigno open until 10 May.


In Switzerland you can still ski in Zermatt, in Engelberg and on the Diavolezza glacier near St Moritz.


Austria, as usual at this time of year, has the most options. Here you can still ski on the glaciers at HintertuxStubaiPitztal (until 10 May), KaunertalKitzsteinhorn (near Kaprun) and Mölltal (closes 10 May).