Today in the Alps...

Updated: 9.20am Friday 18 April 2014 – Cloudier, snow for some is in Avoriaz where it has clouded over during the night as a weak cold front approached from the north. This is likely to bring us some light snow later today, but not in any great quantity.

Avoriaz, Portes du Soleil Cloudy this morning in Avoriaz, with light snow expected later - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps it is also turning more unsettled with some snow in the forecast, mostly across the northern Alps today but favouring the southern Alps more tomorrow (Saturday). Generally speaking, most places will not see a huge amount of snow over the next 48 hours, but 40cm+ is possible in a few favoured spots, most likely in the southern Swiss and Italian Alps.


Updated: 7.45am Thursday 17 April 2014 - Mostly sunny, a little warmer is in Avoriaz this week where we again have clear blue skies this morning. After a relatively chilly couple of days where freezing levels have barely got above 2200m, temperatures are on the rise with 9 or 10°C expected this afternoon in resort.

Avoriaz, France Clear blue skies again this morning in Avoriaz - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps, snow showers in Austria have now moved away and it should be sunny across the board. It will be coldest in the east with temperatures reaching 10°C in Kitzbühel (760m), 12°C in Zermatt (1620m) and 7°C in Tignes (2100m). Tomorrow (Friday) the weather starts to turn more unsettled with some snow expected over the next couple of days, chiefly in the south. 

Updated: 7.50am Wednesday 16 April 2014 - Cold, mostly sunny


Weathertoski  is in Avoriaz this week where the weather began warm but has turned much colder over the last 36 hours. It remains perfectly sunny, but the temperature first thing this morning is several degrees below freezing and is only expected to reach 4 or 5°C max this afternoon. 

Avoriaz, France Cold and clear in Avoriaz this morning - Photo:

Elsewhere in the Alps there is also plenty of sunshine, although cloud cover remains more variable over Austria where there are still one or two flurries. Parts of Austria have seen significant snow over the last couple of days though many of the smaller resorts are now closed for the season. 

Updated: 8.10am Tuesday 15 April 2014 - Colder is in Avoriaz where it has turned much colder today despite the continuing sunshine. Meanwhile, it continues to snow in parts of the eastern Alps, particularly northern Austria where it is falling as low as 700m in places.  

Avoriaz, France Still sunny but colder today in Avoriaz – Photo:

Temperatures  are now uniformly below where they should be for mid-April reaching just 4°C in Kitzbühel this afternoon ( 760m) and 5°C in Avoriaz (1800m) despite the sunshine.  All this is good news for the quality of the snow which will stay grippier for longer during the daily freeze/thaw cycle. There is even some powder to play in for a few lucky Austrian resorts.

Updated: 8.30am Monday 14 April 2014 – Mostly sunny, further showers in north-eastern Alps later is in Avoriaz where we have a magnificent morning with unbroken sunshine. Unlike yesterday, the snow has also refrozen overnight which means it will be hard first thing, softening steadily during the day (yesterday it was slushy here from the word go after a cloudy night).

Avoriaz, France Clear skies across the Portes du Soleil this morning. This is looking towards Morzine from Avoriaz - Photo:

It will remain sunny across the western and southern Alps today. However, a cold front will move down from the north as the day progresses, bringing showers to the north-eastern Alps later - especially Austria - with some snow to 1500m, 1000m even this evening.  


Temperatures are expected to reach 10°C here in Avoriaz (1800m) this afternoon, but just 4°C at the same height in Obertauern, Austria. 

Updated:  9am Sunday 13 April 2014 – East-west split


There’s lots of cloud across the eastern Alps this morning, with showers in places (chiefly in Austria) and a little fresh snow at altitude. Elsewhere,  it is brighter with the best of the sunshine in the west.

Obertauern, Austria Snow showers again today at high altitude in Obertauern, Austria - Photo:

Temperatures will be lowest in the east peaking at 11°C in Kitzbühel (760m) but 17°C in Morzine (1000m) which will see more in the way of sunshine. The rest of the week continues to see showers at times in the eastern Alps with drier, sunnier weather further west. 

Updated: 8.50am Friday 11 April 2014 - Some cloud in far east, otherwise mostly warm and sunny


There is still some cloud in the eastern half of the Austrian Alps this morning, otherwise most regions are sunny. Temperatures are expected to reach 16°C in Kitzbühel this afternoon (760m), 14°C in Zermatt (1620m) and 8°C in Val Thorens (2300m).

Hintertux, Austria Fresh snow at altitude in the Tux valley, but this is the exception rather than the rule for the Alps this morning - Photo:

There is a little fresh snow at altitude in the eastern Alps, but the benefits of this will be fleeting and, generally speaking, spring ski conditions rule. This means hard or icy slopes first thing, quickly softening up as the day progresses. As usual the snow will stay firmest for longest on shady north-facing slopes, but will only stay firm all day above about 2300-2500m (on north slopes).


It will stay mostly fine for the next few days with the possibility of a temporary return to winter later next week. However that is still some way off - so stay tuned to .