Latest snow forecast

Updated: 11am Sunday 1 March 2020

The weather in the Alps remains unsettled, with further storms set to rattle in off the Atlantic over the next few days. Most parts of the Alps can expect significant snowfall at some stage during the coming week, including the southern Alps (especially on Monday), which had previously largely missed out.


The weather situation is so dynamic that precise details are hard to pin down at this stage, however, any cold spells this week will again be transient.


Indeed, there have not been any serious or lengthy spells of cold in the Alps all winter, which looks like being the mildest on record for many, if not most, parts of the Alps. 


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Aletsch Arena, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 1 March 2020 The sun is out in the Aletsch Arena this morning, but further snow showers are expected here this evening – 1 March 2020 – Photo: