Today in the Alps...

Updated: 10.30am Monday 2 May 2016 - Exceptionally snowy season finale!


It’s still snowing across parts of the Alps today, chiefly in the east, which is great news for the Austrian glaciers, several of which remain open in spring. The best of any brightness today will be in the west... More 

Chamrousse, France - Weather to ski - Today in the Alps, 2 May 2016 A super-snowy scene in Chamrousse this morning near Grenoble, though the lifts have long been closed - Photo:



Snow forecasts will be back in November 2016

Latest snow report

21 April 2016


Great skiing at altitude still in the Alps, despite the dwindling number of options...


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Top 5 places to ski in the Alps in May

1 May 2016


Fraser Wilkin picks 5 of the best ski resorts in the Alps to head to in May... 


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Why does Flaine have such a good snow record?

22 April 2016


Flaine has one of the best snow records in the French Alps. Here's why...


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Who got the most snow in 2014-15?

12 June 2015


So the results are in....


Which Alpine ski resorts got the most snow in 2014-15? 


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Who got the most snow in North America in 2014-15?

19 June 2015


Guest writer Tony Crocker looks at which North American ski resorts got the most snow in 2014-15...  


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Snow Reliability - Ski Resorts A-Z

Planning a ski trip? 


Here you'll find our comprehensive assessment of snow reliability in European and North American ski resorts.


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The snow quality equation

Rightly or wrongly, the quality of the snow (never mind the state of the weather) can make or break your holiday, particularly if it is your first time in a resort.  Here we explain the factors making up the "snow quality equation", which should allow you to make a more informed choice as to where and when you next hit the slopes.