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Updated: 2.20pm Tuesday 29 July 2014 – Fresh snow on the glaciers


The Alpine weather is pretty filthy right now, with lots of rain and little in the way of sunshine. This is good news for skiers though (at least once skies clear) with fresh snow on many of the glaciers including Zermatt and Saas-Fee (pictured), where more than 50cm has already fallen above 3200m... More

Saas-Fee, Switzerland Big snowfalls on the glacier at Saas-Fee - Photo:

Who got the most snow in 2013-14?


Thursday 12 June 2014


Fraser Wilkin looks at which European ski resorts got the most snow in 2013-14. More

Who got the most snow in 2013-14 in N. America?


Wednesday 25 June 2014


Guest writer Tony Crocker looks at which resorts got the most snow in North America. More

Snow forecasts and snow reports will be back in Autumn 2014

Blog: Top 5 places to ski in the Alps in August

Top 5 places to ski in the Alps in August Photo: Cervino SpA


Updated: Monday 28 July 2014


Fraser Wilkin picks 5 of the best places to ski in the Alps this August.  More

Blog: Where to ski in the Alps in September

Where to ski in the Alps in September Passo Stelvio


Updated: 28 July 2014


Fraser Wilkin looks at where you can ski in the Alps in September. More

Snow Reliability - Ski Resorts A-Z

Chamonix ski area, France Photo: Chamonix/Monica Dalmasso


Planning a ski trip? 


Here you'll find our comprehensive assessment of snow reliability in European and North American ski resorts.


Top 10s

Arapahoe Basin ski area, Colorado, USA Photo: Arapahoe Basin/Casey Day

Here we've pulled together our "Top 10" snow destinations depending on what you are looking for in your holiday:


1.   Snow-sure resorts - Europe

2.   Snow-sure resorts - N. America

3.   Snowiest resorts - Europe

4.   Snowiest resorts - N. America

5.   Powder destinations - Europe

6.   Powder destinations - N. America

7.   Early season resorts - Europe

8.   Late season resorts - Europe

9.   Snow-sure nursery slopes - Europe

10. Weather-proof resorts - Europe

The snow quality equation

St Moritz ski area, Switzerland Photo: Engadin St Moritz/Christof Sonderegger

Rightly or wrongly, the quality of the snow (never mind the state of the weather) can make or break your holiday, particularly if it is your first time in a resort.  Here we explain the factors making up the "snow quality equation", which should allow you to make a more informed choice as to where and when you next hit the slopes.   More