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Updated: 4.50pm Monday 23 January 2017

Generally speaking, on-piste snow conditions in the Alps remain good. The situation is less straight forward off-piste. With the help of a good guide you can still find powder in parts of the northern Alps. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult and, indeed, for a good portion of the southern Alps serious off-piste of any kind is still out of the question.


A little new snow fell in the far south-western Alps over the weekend (e.g. Isola 2000, Limone), but the vast majority of the Alps stayed dry and there is no widespread or significant snow in the forecast this week either. This won’t really affect the skiing (on-piste at least) for now but, with snow depths generally below par for mid to late January, lots more snow is still needed to alleviate problems later in the season.


Across the pond, snow depths continue to impress in the western US, especially in California… 


On-piste snow conditions remain excellent in most Austrian ski resorts. However, the off-piste situation is much more variable. There are pockets of powder here and there, but you will need a good guide to find them and there is very little if any snow in the forecast this week.


As it stands, St Anton has 60/150cm of settled snow depending on altitude, while Söll has 65/75cm. 

Damüls, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 Clear blue skies in the Austrian Vorarlberg today. This is Damüls – 23 January 2017 – Photo:


The far southern Alps (e.g. Isola 2000) saw a few centimetres of snow over the weekend, but most places stayed dry and there is very little if any snow forecast this week.


On-piste at least, snow conditions remain largely good with base depths of 50/120cm in Megève, 70/160cm in Alpe d’Huez and 20/175cm in Serre Chevalier.


Off-piste conditions are more challenging, however, with no significant snowfall in the forecast this week. 

Les Sybelles, France – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 Good piste skiing in the Les Sybelles region in France – 23 January 2017 – Photo:


Most Italian ski resorts haven’t seen any significant snowfall for quite some time. That said, recent low temperatures mean that on-piste conditions remain good, especially at altitude in the west where the natural snow cover is also at its deepest. Cervinia has base depths of 35/115cm, while La Thuile has 30/150cm.


Further east, ski resorts are much more reliant on artificial snow, but there are still over 1000km of pistes open in the Super Dolomiti ski area (e.g. Val Gardena, Alta Badia), despite very modest upper bases of 20-30cm. 

Monterosa Ski, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 Some high cloud but still fine today in the Monte Rosa region – 23 January 2017 – Photo:


On-piste snow conditions in Switzerland are generally good, even if snow depths remain relatively modest in most Swiss resorts. Base depths are currently 30/80cm in Davos, 30/45cm in Wengen and 5/120cm in Zermatt.


Good off-piste opportunities are more difficult to find but still possible with some effort (and a good guide) in the high northern Swiss resorts, such as Engelberg (35/95cm). However, there is very little if any snow in the forecast this week. 

Laax, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 View across the slopes of Laax this afternoon – 23 January 2017 – Photo:

Rest of Europe

Snow conditions remain very good in the Pyrenees following the big snowfalls earlier in the month. Pas de La Casa in Andorra has base depths of 110/150cm, while Spain’s Baqueira Beret has 40/180cm.


Bulgarian ski resorts are also in excellent nick after a cold and snowy few weeks, with base depths of 130/155cm in Borovets.


Scandinavian ski resorts have not seen much snow recently, though mostly still offer good skiing conditions (on-piste at least) thanks to cold temperatures. Geilo in Norway currently has base depths of 40/70cm, while Finland’s Levi has 15/65cm.


In Scotland, some very limited skiing is available at the Lecht (5cm) but, with very little snow in the forecast, it is unlikely that any of the other areas will open any time soon. 

Pas de la Casa, Andorra – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 Plenty of snow in Andorra right now. This is Pas de La Casa – 23 January 2017 – Photo:


In California, Mammoth is emerging from another storm cycle and now has unprecedented snow depths for January with an upper base of 736cm!


Most other western US resorts have seen significant snowfall in the last week and are in excellent condition. Jackson Hole (Wyoming) has 178/261cm of settled snow depending on altitude, while Snowbird (Utah) has 261cm packed down mid-mountain. 

Crested Butte, Colorado, USA – Weather to ski – Snow report, 23 January 2017 Very snowy again in Crested Butte – 23 January 2017 – Photo:


In the last seven days, Whistler (227cm mid-mountain base) has clocked over 1m of new snow. The weather has now settled down, but conditions remain very good, especially at altitude.


Interior resorts such as Fernie (91/175cm) are also offering excellent skiing, with temperatures expected to remain relatively low this week. 

Next full snow report will be on Thursday 26 January 2017,

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