Latest snow report

Updated: 7.30pm Thursday 13 April 2017

Most of the Alps have been enjoying warm and sunny weather this week. There have been a few showers here and there, but no notable snow, and freeze-thaw cycles have generally been the order of the day. Low down and on slopes exposed to the sun this means a lot of slush later in the day. Only north-facing slopes above 2600m or so have managed to offer firm “wintry snow” all day long.


Change is afoot, however, with cold weather moving in from the north over the weekend. There will also be some snow, chiefly across the north-eastern Alps (eastern Switzerland and Austria), where it will fall as low as 1000m in places by Sunday. For many resorts it is too late of course, but if you happen to be in the Alps early next week you will bag yourself some powder in the likes of Hintertux or Obergurgl.  


Snow cover in most low Austrian resorts is either extremely patchy or non-existent, with many areas (e.g. Ski Welt) now closed for the season.


Glaciers aside, the two best remaining options are Ischgl (0/90cm) and Obergurgl (18/69cm), where some snow is expected to fall over the weekend.

Ischgl, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow report, 13 April 2017 Good snow cover on the upper slopes of Ischgl – 13 April 2017 – Photo:


France continues to offer some good spring skiing in its higher resorts. Two of the best options right now are Val d’Isère (50/150cm) and Val Thorens (105/160cm). Below 2000m though cover is very patchy, with the window for good snow quality much shorter in the likes of Valmorel (0/80cm).


The weather in the French Alps will turn colder over the weekend but no more than a dusting of snow is expected in the north. 

Bonneval-sur-Arc, France – Weather to ski – Snow report, 13 April 2017 Fabulous skiing on the high slopes of Bonneval-sur-Arc today – 13 April 2017 – Photo:


Many low Italian ski resorts have now closed for the season, but there is still some good skiing to be had, especially (but not exclusively) in the higher resorts of the west, such as Cervinia (0/195cm) and Alagna (0/180cm). Even here, however, expect plenty of slush on the lower slopes later in the day.


The weather will turn colder in Italy over the weekend but no significant snow is expected.

Cervinia, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow report, 13 April 2017 Great snow conditions on the upper slopes of Cervinia – 13 April 2017 – Photo:


Like everywhere else in the Alps, snow cover in Switzerland is now very patchy low down with most resorts in full spring-mode. As is normally the case at this time of year, Zermatt (0/170cm) and Saas-Fee (10/270cm) offer the most consistent snow conditions due to their superior top height.


Lower down you can still find some enjoyable skiing in the likes of Wengen (0/60cm), but the window of opportunity for reasonable snow quality is much shorter.  

Saas-Fee, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow report, 13 April 2017 It is still possible to ski “wintry” snow up top in Saas-Fee – 13 April 2017 – Photo:

Rest of Europe

There is plenty of skiing still going on in Norway, with the best conditions in Voss (75/125cm), where there was a moderate fall of snow on Wednesday.


There is also plenty of snow left in the higher parts of the Pyrenees – with 140/230cm in Andorra’s Arcalis, for example, though conditions are also very spring-like with plenty of slush later in the day. 


Most western US resorts still have excellent snow cover though it has warmed up again, and some major resorts (e.g. Jackson Hole) are now closed.


In Colorado, Vail still has 114cm packed down mid-mountain with spring snow conditions, while Utah’s Alta still has 325cm.


Whistler is continuing to see fabulous late season conditions with upper mountain base depths of 358cm and yet more snow falling today.


Further inland, you can also find some excellent April skiing in the Banff/Lake Louise area where base depths are 163/249cm and some light snow is also falling today. 

Whistler, Canada – Weather to ski – Snow report, 13 April 2017 More snow forecast for Whistler today – 13 April 2017 – Photo:

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