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Updated: 3pm Monday 6 February 2017

Lots of new snow has fallen across the Alps over the last two or three days. The heaviest falls have been in the western Alps – i.e. the French Alps (both north and south), the western Swiss Alps (e.g. Mürren, Morgins) and some central and western parts of the Italian Alps (e.g. Livigno, Courmayeur). These regions have seen between 40cm and 70cm of new snow at altitude, with up to 100cm in some places.


Most other parts of the Alps have also seen some new snow, though quantities have, on the whole, been more modest in the Austrian and eastern Italian Alps.


This new snow is great news for the Alps in the run up to half term. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that base depths remain modest in many areas for early February and that low altitude resorts could still do with more if they are to avoid problems during warm spells later in the season.


Across the pond, snow conditions continue to impress in both the western United States and western Canada…


Most Austrian resorts have seen a little snow over the last few days but not, generally speaking, in the same quantities as further west.


Some of the best skiing in Austria right now can be found in the Arlberg region, where Lech has base depths of 75/115cm and some good off-piste opportunities (though a guide is always recommended).


Further east, Kitzbühel (70cm upper base) also has reasonable cover, but the recent mild weather has led to variable snow quality low down. 

Damüls, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 Looking good in the Austrian Vorarlberg. This is Damüls – 6 February 2017 – Photo:


Snow conditions have improved dramatically across most French resorts thanks to significant snowfall over the last few days. With 55cm of new snow, Alpe d’Huez (80/160cm) is now in great shape, after what was a very slow start to the season.


Further north (and lower down), Les Gets (50/100cm) has also seen a good dump which should enable it to open most of its area in the run-up to half term. 

La Plagne, France – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 Plenty of fresh snow in La Plagne – 6 February 2017 – Photo:


Most Italian resorts have seen snow over the last few days, though quantities have been a bit hit and miss. Two resorts that have lots of fresh snow and are skiing particularly well at the moment are Bardonecchia (60/180cm) and Livigno (55/120cm).


Conditions in the Dolomites are also improved, with 15cm of new snow in Selva (20/40cm). 

Livigno, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 Lots of new snow in Livigno – 6 February 2017 – Photo:


Many Swiss resorts have seen significant snow in the last few days, especially in the west where Mürren now has base depths of 65/155cm and Verbier has 35/190cm.


Further east, snowfall from this latest storm was generally more modest, but resorts such as Davos (55/130cm) are also in good condition. 

Morgins, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 A wintry scene in Morgins – 6 February 2017 – Photo:

Rest of Europe

The Pyrenees are offering some of the best skiing in Europe at the moment, thanks to recent heavy snowfalls which have allowed base depths to increase to 120/160cm in Pas de La Casa (Andorra) and 60/280cm in Cauterets (France).


Bulgarian resorts haven’t seen any snow in the last week but on-piste, at least, conditions remain very good in Bansko (70/150cm).


In Scandinavia, conditions remain steady rather than spectacular with 66cm of settled snow up top in Sweden’s Åre and 35/80cm in Norway’s Lillehammer.


There is still insufficient snow in Scotland for any lift-served skiing, though the situation is improving and some action is likely later this week. 

Pas de la Casa, Andorra – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 Plenty of snow in Pas de la Casa – 6 February 2017 – Photo:


Snow conditions continue to impress across most western US resorts.


In Wyoming, Jackson Hole continues its excellent season with another 80cm over the last week and upper base depths now approaching 3m.


Colorado resorts haven’t seen as much snow in recent days but, on-piste at least, conditions remain excellent in Vail (144cm), with snow in the forecast.


Whistler (252cm upper base) has seen 67cm of new snow at altitude in the last week with lots more to come later this week. Snow conditions are therefore excellent, especially at altitude.


Favourable conditions can also be found further east, with fresh snow in the Banff/Lake Louise area where the upper base is around 160cm.  

Lake Louise, Canada – Weather to ski – Snow report, 6 February 2017 Excellent snow conditions right now in Lake Louise – 6 February 2017 – Photo:

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