Latest snow forecast

Updated: 6pm Wednesday 4 April 2018

A new storm is crossing the Alps tonight bringing a temporary drop in temperature and, for some, a top up of snow. Snowfall quantities will generally be modest, but 15-40cm is possible above 1800m in some parts of the French, southern Swiss and central Italian Alps.


The bad weather will slowly move away eastwards during Thursday, with Friday and Saturday promising to be sunny and warm in all regions...

Detailed forecast:


Thursday will see some bright spells in the Austrian Alps, but also plenty of showers (snow 1300-1700m) dying out in the west later.


Friday and Saturday will be warm and sunny with freezing levels exceeding 3000m. 


Thursday will start cloudy across the northern French Alps with flurries (1200m) dying out later. The southern Alps will be brighter from the word go, with long sunny spells.


Friday and Saturday will be sunny and warm everywhere with freezing levels reaching 3000m or more. 

Flaine, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 4 April 2018 Heavy snow in Flaine this evening – 4 April 2018 - Photo:


Thursday will be sunny all day in the south-western Italian Alps (e.g. Sestriere). Further north and east there may be a few early flurries (1300-1800m). These will die out in the west later, but perhaps continue until later in the day in the central and eastern Italian Alps (e.g. Dolomites).


Friday and Saturday will be warm and sunny with freezing levels surpassing 3000m. 


Thursday will start cloudy in the Swiss Alps, with flurries (1200-1400m) in places. These should die away, however, first in the west, then later in the east with sunny spells to end the day in all regions.


Friday and Saturday will be warm and sunny with freezing levels reaching or exceeding 3000m. 


Sunday and Monday will remain mild but it will turn more unsettled again in the western Alps, especially in the south-west where there will be a few showers, with a dusting of snow at high altitude. The northern and eastern Alps will hold on to the best weather. 

Our next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 6 April 2018, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates