Latest snow forecast

Updated: 1.10pm Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Alps are still under the influence of a mild southerly airflow which will continue to control the weather for most of this week.


On the northern side of the Alps, the Foehn will be blowing which means we can expect lots of dry but often quite cloudy, gusty and extremely mild weather over the next few days.


On the southern side of the Alps it will be a little cooler, though still mild, with showers or longer spells of rain/snow, heaviest and most prolonged in the west.


The rain/snow limit over the next couple of days will be around 1900-2200m in the southern Alps, but higher where any precipitation spills over into Switzerland.


On Thursday and Friday the Foehn will drop and precipitation in the western Alps will become more widespread, affecting more of the French and western Swiss Alps than earlier in the week, but still heaviest close to the Italian border. 

Detailed forecast:


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see broadly similar weather in the Austrian Alps - mostly dry but with variable cloud cover (thickest in the south) and the best chance of any sunshine the further north you are.


It will be very mild everywhere, especially in the north where freezing levels will surpass 3000m. Afternoon temperatures could reach 20°C in some Foehn-prone valleys. 

Zell-am-See, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 22 November 2016 Green again in Zell-am-See – 22 November 2016 – Photo:


The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly cloudy across the French Alps, with showers in the south, especially close to the Italian border (snow 2000-2300m). The northern Alps may see the odd shower, but will be dominated by the Foehn, which will blow hard at times.


Thursday will see the Foehn start to weaken which will allow more widespread precipitation across the French Alps, heaviest closest to the Italian border, especially between Val d’Isère and the Queyras. The rain/snow limit will start at around 2200m, but will lower to under 2000m, especially close to the border. 

Châtel, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 22 November 2016 Classic Foehny skies above Châtel today - 22 November 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with showers, heaviest and most prolonged along the high border areas in the Piedmont, eastern Aosta and western Lombardy (snow above 1900-2200m). Further east (e.g. Dolomites) showers will be more intermittent.


Thursday will be broadly similar, but with precipitation in the north-western Alps perhaps becoming heavier and more widespread. The rain/snow line should also start to drop below 2000m. 

Cervinia, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 22 November 2016 Whiteout conditions in Cervinia - 22 November 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday will see rain (snow 2000-2200m) in the far south of Switzerland with mostly dry but still rather cloudy, gusty and very mild conditions further north.


The weather will be broadly similar on Thursday though some rain/snow may also affect the western Swiss Alps later in the day. 

Adelboden, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 22 November 2016 Thinning snow cover in Adelboden, thanks to warm Foehn winds - 22 November 2016 - Photo:


It will remain unsettled on Friday with further showers in the southern and western Alps (snow 1600-1900m).


By the weekend, however, it should be drier and brighter just about everywhere. 

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 25 November 2016, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates and where is currently open in the Alps