Latest snow forecast

Updated: 12pm Tuesday 21 November 2017

The weather in the Alps has turned milder but it won’t last too long, as colder air is set to return from the north this weekend.


The latest charts don’t suggest there will be as much snow as once expected, but it does set up a broader scale pattern that could leave us with a very wintry end to the month.


In the meantime, expect some thawing of any low-lying snow over the next few days, but nothing too serious given that it is still only mid-November. 

Detailed snow forecast:


The rest of Tuesday will be mostly cloudy in the Austrian Alps, though there will be some sunny spells in the far south (i.e. Carinthia). Any showers will be increasingly confined to the north-eastern Alps (e.g. Salzburgland) with the rain/snow limit rising to between 1500m and 1900m.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be dry with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. The Foehn wind will also start to blow on the northern side of the Alps which will accelerate the thaw of any low-lying snow. 

Lech, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 November 2017 Rain and snow today in Lech but sunnier weather is expected tomorrow – 21 November 2017 – Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will be mostly sunny in the French Alps with freezing levels rising to between 2600m and 3000m.


Wednesday will continue fine but become very mild with freezing levels above 3000m.


Thursday and Friday will continue mostly fine and still mild but a fraction cooler than on Wednesday. 

Morzine, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 November 2017 Still snow to resort level on north-facing slopes in Morzine, but probably not for long given the milder forecast this week – 21 November 2017 – Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will be mostly fine in the Italian Alps, with just a little cloud close to some of the border areas. It will be mild with freezing levels close to 2500m.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will continue mostly fine and very mild, especially on Wednesday when freezing levels will exceed 3000m in places. 

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 November 2017 Fine weather in the Dolomites this week. This is Madonna di Campiglio – 21 November 2017 – Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will be rather cloudy with a few showers in the north-eastern Swiss Alps (snow 1400m). Most other areas will be dry with sunny spells.


Wednesday will be very mild with plenty of sunshine in all areas and freezing levels close to 3000m.


On Thursday and Friday it will turn a fraction cooler but will remain mostly fine. 

La Fouly, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 November 2017 Lovely day in the western Swiss Alps today. This is La Fouly – 21 November 2017 – Photo:


The weekend will see colder air move down from the north-west. There may be some snow showers, chiefly in the eastern Swiss and Austrian Alps but the French and Italian Alps will probably see little or no snow in the first instance.


Later next week there is the chance of some more serious and widespread snow across the Alps. Watch this space…  

Our next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 24 November 2017, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates