Latest snow forecast

Updated: 10pm Wednesday 21 February 2018

The Alps are currently under the influence of a relatively cool and often quite cloudy easterly airflow, sandwiched between high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south.


Many places will stay dry over the next two or three days, but there will snow for some, notably in the western Italian Alps and adjacent French/Swiss border areas (e.g. Prato Nevoso, Limone, Isola 2000, Milky Way, Val d’Isère, Val Cenis, Cervinia, Monte Rosa, Zermatt, Saas-Fee). These areas may see 30-60cm of snow by Saturday, and maybe even 1m or more close to the Mediterranean.


Some eastern parts of the Alps, especially the Dolomites and southern Austrian Alps, may also pick up some useful snow but in more modest quantities. The northern Alps are less likely to see snow over the next few days.


After a relatively mild start to the weekend, Sunday will see temperatures start to plummet and next week will see some seriously cold air arriving from Siberia. It is too early to say exactly how cold it will be but temperatures could potentially be extreme, especially in the northern and eastern Alps where it might be in the region of -25°C to -30°C at 3000m even by day.


If you are skiing in the Alps next week make sure you are prepared and stay tuned to our daily updates… 

Detailed forecast:


Thursday will be cold and mostly cloudy in the Austrian Alps, with the best of any brighter spells in the far west (e.g. Arlberg). There will be some light snow flurries to low levels, most persistent in the south and east (e.g. Nassfeld).


Friday will see snow flurries increasingly confined to the far south. Elsewhere it will be mostly dry with variable cloud and the best of any sunshine again in the far west. Freezing levels will be between 1000m and 1500m.


Saturday will be mostly dry with sunny spells, the best being in the northern Austrian Alps. It will be temporarily quite mild, especially in the north, with freezing levels close to 2000m.  


Thursday will be see some snow flurries (400-700m) in the French Alps close to the Italian border roughly from about Val d’Isère southwards. Most other areas will be dry, if rather cold, with variable cloud cover.


Friday and Saturday will see little change in the weather except that any snow flurries close to the Italian border will become a little heavier, especially in the south. Most regions will stay dry though, if rather cloudy at times. It will also temporarily be a little milder, particularly on Saturday when freezing levels could reach 1700m in the northern French Alps. 

Méribel, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 February 2018 Sunshine above low cloud in Méribel this afternoon – 21 February 2018 – Photo:


Thursday will see snow flurries to quite low levels in the Italian Alps, both in the south-west (southern Piedmont) and the south-east (Dolomites). The heaviest snow will be closest to the Mediterranean though. There will be the odd flurry elsewhere but it will be generally drier, if rather cool and cloudy.


Friday will see similar weather to Thursday, though the snow may become heavier in the western Italian Alps, especially in the Piedmont region. It will be also be a little milder with the rain/snow limit rising to 700-1000m.


Saturday will see the temperature creep up a little. It will still be rather cloudy with showers (snow 900-1400m), especially in the west.


Thursday will be mostly dry in the Swiss Alps with plenty of cloud around, thickest in the south where the odd flurry (500m) is possible. The best of any sunshine will be at altitude in the north.


Friday will be similar but with an increased chance of snow along the Swiss-Italian border, especially between Zermatt and the Simplon Pass.


Saturday will be a little milder with freezing levels as high as 1800m in the northern Alps. Most areas will be dry with variable cloud but further flurries are possible in the far south or south-west, especially between Zermatt and the Simplon Pass. 

Zermatt, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 21 February 2018 Dusk in Zermatt today – 21 February 2018 – Photo:


It will become very cold later on Sunday and into the first part of next week. Many areas will stay dry but there is the risk of further snow showers in places, most likely in the south. 

Our next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 23 February 2018, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates