Latest snow forecast

Updated: 2pm Friday 15 January 2016

Cold air is now firmly entrenched across the Alps, and will remain so until early next week, at the very least.


The southern half of the Alps will remain mostly dry and sunny over the next few days, but further snow showers will affect the north at times, becoming increasingly confined to eastern Switzerland and Austria by Sunday.


Between now and Sunday we can expect another 10-30cm in many northern parts of the Alps, with 40cm+ in some of the more favoured spots, such as the Austrian Vorarlberg. What’s more, the snow will fall at all levels, so it will feel decidedly wintry in the northern Alps, even in the lowest valleys.

Detailed forecast:


The rest of Friday will be rather cloudy with snow flurries to low levels, heaviest in the north. The far south should stay dry with occasional bright spells.


Saturday and Sunday will see further snow showers to all levels across the northern and western Austrian Alps, while the far south again escapes with two mostly dry days.


Monday will see any snow flurries confined to the far north-eastern Austrian Alps. Elsewhere it will be mostly dry with plenty of sunshine, but still cold.   

Mölltal, Austria - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 15 January 2016 Sunny this morning on the Mölltal glacier, where only a dusting of snow is expected over the next few days - Photo:


The rest of Friday will see lots of sunshine in the south, but variable cloud in the far north with some snow flurries (to low levels) arriving late in the day, and persisting into the night.


Saturday will be cold with early snow flurries in the northern Alps, probably dying away later. The best of any sunshine will be in the south.


Sunday will feel colder still with a raw north-easterly wind. Most places should be dry, with the best of any sunshine again in the south. Further north there may be more cloud at times, especially early in the day with just the odd isolated flurry.


Monday is expected to be fine but cold. 

La Chapelle d’Abondance, France - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 15 January 2016 Sunny earlier today in the Portes du Soleil, but snow flurries are expected this evening. This is La Chapelle d’Abondance - Photo:


The rest of Friday will be mostly dry with sunny spells, but some snow flurries will affect the north-western Italian Alps during the night.


Saturday will see a few snow flurries close to the border areas, but most areas will be dry, if cold, with variable cloud and sunny spells.


It will remain cold but mostly fine on Sunday, with just the odd snow flurry close to the Austrian border.


Monday should be sunny, but cold, everywhere. 

Sant-Rhémy-en-Bosses, Italy - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 15 January 2016 Variable cloud cover in Sant-Rhémy-en-Bosses in the Aosta valley today - Photo:


The rest of Friday will see sunny spells but it will become increasingly cloudy in the north, with snow flurries to low altitude later on, lasting into the night.


Saturday will be cold with further snow flurries at times, mostly across the northern half of the Swiss Alps, with the best of any sunshine in the south.


On Sunday, any snow flurries in the north-west will die away, but they will linger all day in the north-east. The south will be brighter, but it will be very cold everywhere.


Monday should be fine but cold. 

Amden, Switzerland - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 15 January 2016 Lots of snow expected in the north-eastern Swiss Alps over the next 36 hours. This is Amden - Photo:


The weather for the rest of next week is very uncertain but, it looks like it will start cold, but gradually turn milder.


Not much new snow is expected at this stage but, with so much volatility in the weather models right now, this could change. Stay tuned…

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Tuesday 19 January 2016, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates