Latest snow forecast

Updated: 8.30pm Friday 13 January 2017

Winter proper has finally made it to the Alps, with fresh snow for many (but not quite all) regions and bitterly cold temperatures. The heaviest snow has been and will this weekend continue to be across the northern and especially north-western Alps, where storm totals will be in the 40-80cm range quite widely by Sunday – locally even 100cm+.


The snow has also been getting through to some southern parts of the Alps, but generally in much more modest quantities.


Snow showers will gradually die away from most regions next week but it will stay cold for the foreseeable future, bitterly cold even over the coming days - so wrap up warm if you are planning to hit the slopes!

Detailed forecast:


Saturday will be mostly cloudy with frequent flurries or longer periods of snow – heaviest in the north (Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburgland, Upper Austria, Styria), but more scatted in the south (Osttirol, Carinthia) where some sunny spells are expected). It will be cold and windy with snow falling to all levels.


Sunday will be colder still, with further flurries in the north, those these will generally be lighter than on Saturday. It will be very cold with max temperatures at 2000m close to -10°C.


Monday will be mostly dry but still bitterly cold with variable cloud and just the odd flurry here and there. 

Damüls, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 13 January 2017 Powder day in Damüls – 13 January 2017 – Photo:


Saturday will be mostly cloudy in the northern French Alps (roughly from Les 2 Alpes and Serre Chevalier northwards), with further snow showers from time to time to all levels. The far southern Alps will be drier with sunny spells.


Sunday will see most of the shower activity die away, but some flurries will persist here and there in the north. The south will be mostly sunny but it will be very cold everywhere.


Monday will be similar to Sunday with the odd flurry in the north, though mostly fine further south. It will be bitterly cold everywhere. 

Val Thorens, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 13 January 2017 Lots of new snow in Val Thorens today – 13 January 2017 – Photo:


Saturday will be cold with variable cloud and a scattering of snow showers close to the border areas, especially in the north-west.


It will remain very cold on Sunday and Monday. Most places will be dry with sunny spells, but cloudier interludes will persist close to the high border areas with one or two flurries here and there. 

Sestriere, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 13 January 2017 There is less new snow in Sestriere than on the northern side of the Alps, though conditions are still good – 13 January 2017 – Photo:


Saturday will be mostly cloudy with just a few bright spells in the south. There will be snow showers (to all levels) in many areas, heaviest in the northern Alps where they will be almost continuous.


It will remain bitterly cold on Sunday and Monday with further snow showers, mostly across the northern half of the Swiss Alps, though these may be more scattered than on Saturday. 

Lenk, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 13 January 2017 Improving conditions in Lenk – 13 January 2017 – Photo:


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look like remaining very cold. Many places will be dry with sunny spells, but a few snow showers are still likely here and there. 

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Tuesday 17 January 2017, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates