Latest snow forecast

Updated: 11.45am Tuesday 10 November 2015

Welcome to our detailed snow forecast for the Alps.


High pressure is still dominating the weather in the Alps and will continue to do so until the end of the week. Areas of cloud have been skirting the eastern and north-eastern Alps in recent days (notably in Austria), and will continue to do so today (Tuesday). However, for the vast majority of the Alps it will be sunny and unseasonably mild until the weekend.


On Saturday, a weakening cold front is expected to move in from the north-west, with some showers and a little snow possible for the north-eastern Alps (especially northern Austria). However, it won’t be significant, and most Alpine areas will stay dry, albeit somewhat cooler.


Looking further ahead and the jet stream is definitely trying to move further south, which is a good thing, as this will increasingly send Atlantic storms towards the Alps (rather than over the UK).


However, high pressure is never too far away, and there is still plenty of uncertainty as to when we will see a proper return to winter. Certainly any widespread snow seems unlikely before about 18 November at the earliest. 

Detailed forecast:


Tuesday will be mostly dry with variable cloud (thickest in the east), but also some sunny spells (most likely in the west). It will be very mild with freezing levels between 3400 and 3900m.


The rest of the week (Wednesday to Friday), it will be mostly sunny, with just a little cloud here and there and freezing levels typically around 3500m. 

Mölltal glacier, Austria - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 10 November 2015 Dry, but rather cloudy, in parts of Austria today. This near the Mölltal glacier in Carinthia - Photo:


Tuesday will be sunny and exceptionally warm for the time of year - feeling particularly so at altitude with freezing levels above 4000m!


The rest of the week will be mostly sunny with freezing levels typically close to 4000m, dropping off a little on Friday

Tignes, France - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 10 November 2015 View from the Grande Motte Glacier above Tignes today - Photo:


Some eastern Italian resorts will see a little cloud today (Tuesday) otherwise there will be plenty of sunshine with freezing levels close to 4000m.


The rest of the week (Wednesday to Friday) is expected to be mostly sunny and exceptionally mild, with freezing levels between 3600m and 4000m. 

Monterosa Ski, Italy - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 10 November 2015 Wall to wall sunshine in the Monte Rosa region today, as there will be for much of this week - Photo:


Tuesday will be mostly sunny and very warm for the time of year, with freezing levels above 4000m for a time in the west.


The rest of the week will remain mostly sunny with freezing levels not far off 4000m, though dropping somewhat on Friday.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland - Weather to ski - Today in the Alps, 10 November 2015 View from the bottom of Saas-Fee’s summer ski area - Photo:


Over the weekend a cold front is expected to bring a few showers to the north-eastern Alps (mostly in Austria), with a little snow possible to 1200m. However, it is not expected to amount to very much and most of the Alps will stay dry.


Thereafter, there is lots of uncertainty. There are hints of a pattern change, but it is still unclear whether we will see anything like a proper return to winter in the near future.

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 13 November 2015, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates