Latest snow forecast

Updated: 12.20pm Tuesday 8 November 2016

The weather in the Alps is decidedly wintry right now and will remain so for much of the week. What’s more, there is a lot more snow to come, as a succession of storms are set to barrel in from the north-west during the second half of this week.


It will turn milder by the weekend, but not before we see 1m or more of snow in parts of the northern French, and northern and western Swiss Alps. The western Austrian and far north-western Italian Alps will also do well, but the southern and far eastern Alps will see less snow this time round. 


The snow will fall to relatively low levels before milder air forces the rain/snow limit towards 1500m or higher over the weekend. 

Detailed forecast:


The rest of Tuesday will be mostly dry with variable cloud, though some flurries (300-700m) will persist in the far south-eastern Alps (Carinthia). It will feel cold everywhere.


Wednesday will start bright or sunny, and remain so in the eastern Austrian Alps. Further west, cloud will increase, with a few showers (snow 500-900m) later in the day.


Thursday will be mostly cloudy with snow (500-800m) in the northern and especially western Austrian Alps. Further south and east there will be some brighter interludes and only the odd shower. 

Damüls, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 8 November 2016 Sunny in the Austrian Vorarlberg this afternoon, but more snow is expected later tomorrow. This is Damüls - 8 November 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will see a few light snow flurries (500m) across the northern French Alps, these becoming more frequent later in the day. The further south you go the brighter and drier it will become, with lots of sunshine across the far southern French Alps.


Wednesday will see heavy snow (500-800m) spread into the northern two-thirds of the French Alps while the far south retains some brightness, but with just the odd flurry.


Thursday will see further snow, heavy at times (700-900m), again mostly in the northern half of the Alps. The best of any drier brighter interludes will be furthest south. 

Les Saisies, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 8 November 2016 Cloudy with a few light flurries in the northern French Alps. This is Les Saisies - 8 November 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will see a few snow flurries to low altitude in the eastern Italian Alps, otherwise most places in the more central and western regions will be dry with plenty of sunshine.


Wednesday should start mostly dry, but cloud amounts will tend to increase with a few flurries (700-1000m) here and there and some more persistent snow in the far north-west (e.g. Courmayeur).


Thursday will again be variable with sunny spells and just scattered light flurries (800-1200m) for most, but some more persistent snow in the north-west close to the French/Swiss borders. 

Passo Tonale, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 8 November 2016 Bright this afternoon in Passo Tonale, which will miss out on the heaviest snow later this week - 8 November 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Tuesday will be mostly dry in the southern Swiss Alps but there will be a scattering of flurries (500m) further north, especially this afternoon.


Wednesday will see heavier and more persistent snow spread in from the west, initially at very low levels, rising to 500-800m later. Some southern and south-eastern regions may remain mostly dry with just a few showers.


Thursday will again be mostly cloudy with spells of snow (600-900m), heaviest in the north and west. The best of any drier, brighter weather will be in the far south. 

St Moritz, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 8 November 2016 Beautiful day in St Moritz - 8 November 2016 - Photo:


It will remain unsettled but turn milder towards the weekend with further rain or snow (1500-2000m) at times, heaviest in the northern and western Alps. The best weather is likely to be in the southern Alps. 

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 11 November 2016, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates