Latest snow forecast

Updated: 1pm Wednesday 6 April 2016

The weather in the Alps remains in a changeable mood, with variable cloud cover and some showers on the menu over the next few days.


After ten days or so of very mild conditions, it will turn colder, especially on Friday, when some significant snow is expected in places. The focus for the heaviest snow keeps changing, but is likely to be in the south-eastern half of the Alps (e.g. the Dolomites). Many other parts of the Alps should, however, see at least a little new snow, particularly at altitude…

Detailed forecast:


The rest of Wednesday will often be cloudy, with occasional showers, especially in the northern Austrian Alps (snow 1800m). The far west will become sunnier later in the day.


Thursday will see scattered showers, heaviest in the northern and western Austrian Alps later in the day. It will turn colder with the rain/snow limit descending from 1600m to 1200m. The best of any brightness will be in the far south.


Friday will see more widespread showers, heavy and prolonged at times with a rain/snow limit between 1000m and 1300m. Some areas will see significant accumulations at altitude, especially to the east of Innsbruck (e.g. Hintertux, Obertauern). 

Pass Thurn, Kitzbühel, Austria - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 6 April 2016 Cloudy skies with occasional showers at Pass Thurn near Kitzbühel - 6 April 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Wednesday will be mostly dry with variable cloud and a few sunny spells.


Thursday will start mostly dry with sunny spells, but cloud will thicken to bring a few showers later (snow to 1500m then 1200m or less later). The southern French Alps should hang on to some fine weather for most of the day.


Friday will be more generally cloudy with occasional showers (snow 800/1200m), especially in the morning. It should, however, become drier and brighter again later in the day.

Avoriaz, France - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 6 April 2016 Early snow showers in Avoriaz today - 6 April 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Wednesday will see variable cloud cover and just a few scattered showers (snow 2000-2300m).


Thursday should be quite sunny in the western Italian Alps. However, further east there will be more in the way of cloud with a few showers (snow 2000m).


Friday will see more widespread showers, heaviest in the east (Dolomites) where some significant accumulations are possible. The rain/snow limit will be between 1500m and 2000m, but will tend to drop a little later. 

Sestriere, Italy - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 6 April 2016 Variable cloud cover but mostly dry in Sestriere today - 6 April 2016 - Photo:


The rest of Wednesday will see a few showers (snow 1700m) in the eastern Swiss Alps, though these will slowly die out. Further west it is already drier with a few sunny spells here and there.


Thursday may see some early brightness in places, but cloud will tend to increase with showers breaking out later. The rain/snow limit will be variable, starting at around 1500m/1700m in the north, but dropping towards 1200m later. In the south it will remain closer to 2000m.


Friday will be mostly cloudy with widespread showers, heaviest in the central and eastern Swiss Alps. The rain/snow limit will again be variable, between 1300m and 1700m in the south, but under 1000m in parts of the north. 

Champoussin, Switzerland - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 6 April 2016 Mostly dry in the Portes du Soleil, but still rather cloudy after some early snow showers. This is Champoussin - 6 April 2016 - Photo:


Saturday may see a few snow showers in places but, generally speaking, the weather will improve again over the weekend with some decent sunny spells developing. Temperatures will also start to rise once again. 

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Tuesday 12 April 2016, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates