Latest snow forecast

Updated: 8pm Friday 5 February 2016

The weather in the Alps really is all over the place at the moment!


Last Sunday we saw rain to well over 2000m in the north and west. It then brightened up on Monday, but turned abnormally warm with freezing levels above 3500m! The temperature finally plummeted mid-week, with lots of snow for the northern Alps. Then today (Friday) was glorious for all but the north-eastern Alps, but milder again!


This weekend’s weather will be no less complicated. Saturday will be dry for most, but cloud will thicken in the south-western Alps with some snow likely in the southern French Alps (e.g. Risoul) and western Italian Alps (e.g. Sestriere) later.


On the northern side of the Alps, the Foehn will blow, which means brighter and milder, but also very blustery weather.


On Sunday the snow will spread to other parts of the Alps, but for once will remain heaviest in the south, especially in the central Italian Alps (Lombardy, Trentino).


The whole of next week then looks very unsettled with a series of storms coming in off the Atlantic. This means that most places will see more snow, heaviest at altitude and in the west where some serious snowfall totals are likely. It will never be particularly cold, however, which does mean that rain or wet snow is also possible low down at times...

Detailed forecast:


Saturday will be mostly sunny and very mild in the north, where the Foehn will start to blow later in the day. The southern Austrian Alps should also be mostly bright, but here cloud will start to thicken later in the day.


Sunday will see snow (1000/1200m) spreading into the south (Carinthia, East Tirol) and perhaps the far west later. Still protected by the Foehn wind, the northern, and especially north-eastern Austrian Alps will remain dry, bright and very mild.


On Monday further snow is likely in the south (1000-1500m), but elsewhere it will be mostly dry with variable cloud and relatively mild temperatures. 


Saturday will see cloud increasing in the southern Alps, with a few snow showers likely later (1200-1500m), turning more persistent overnight. The northern Alps will stay mostly dry with variable cloud, sunny spells and an increasingly gusty Foehn wind.


Sunday will be mostly cloudy with snow in the south and west (perhaps along the Italian border too), spreading to other areas during the day. The rain/snow limit will start at around 1000-1500m, but lower to under 1000m everywhere later.


The next storm will move quickly in from the west on Monday, this time with the heaviest precipitation in the northern two-thirds of the Alps. The rain/snow limit will be around 1000-1400m. 


Saturday will see increasing cloud in the western Italian Alps with some snow showers (800-1000m) later in the day, spreading further east overnight.


Sunday will see significant snow (900-1200m) for many, heaviest in the central and eastern Italian Alps.


Monday will see further snow (1000m) arrive in the north-west, while the central and eastern Italian Alps stay mostly dry and bright. 

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 5 February 2016 A clear end to the day in Madonna di Campiglio, but lots of snow is expected here on Sunday - Photo:


Saturday will be mostly dry but cloud will increase in the south and south-west later, with a few showers close to the Italian border likely by evening (snow 1200m). Under the influence of the Foehn, the northern Alps will remain bright, breezy and very mild.


Sunday will be mostly cloudy with snow at times (800-1400m), heaviest in the south. Under the influence of the Foehn, the far north-east may stay dry for a while, but showers are also likely here later in the day.


It will remain unsettled on Monday with a new storm bringing snow (800-1300m) to many places, heaviest in the north and west. 

Morgins, Switzerland - Weather to ski - Snow forecast, 5 February 2016 Bluebird today in the Portes du Soleil, but the weather will turn again on Sunday. This is Morgins - Photo:


The rest of next week will be very unsettled with a succession of storms moving in off the Atlantic. Temperatures will fluctuate, which means that there is a risk of some rain or wet snow at low altitudes at times. Generally speaking, however, most places will see significant snowfall, with the greatest totals at altitude and in the west.  

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Tuesday 9 February 2016, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates