Latest snow forecast

Updated: 1.20pm Friday 4 December 2015

A dusting of snow is possible for some western parts of the Alps tonight, then perhaps again in the north towards the middle of next week. However, we will have to wait until next weekend, at the earliest, before we see a serious return to winter in the Alps.


That’s quite a long way off of course, and there is still lots of fine tuning to be done. However, we are increasingly confident that there will be major pattern change mid-month which will bring significant snow to many parts of the Alps in time for Christmas! 

Detailed forecast:


Friday afternoon will see thickening cloud across the far west of the country, except for some low level fog patches, many places will otherwise stay quite sunny with freezing levels typically around 2600m. Tonight, a dusting of snow is possible above 1800m in some northern parts of the Austrian Alps, but it won’t be significant and many places will stay dry, if rather cloudy.


Saturday will see any early cloud rapidly break up to leave most places with plenty of sunshine and freezing levels around 2800m.


Sunday will be sunny, with little change in temperature.

Schröcken, Austria – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 4 December 2015 Turning a little hazy in the Austrian Vorarlberg this afternoon. This is Schröcken - Photo:


Friday afternoon will see cloud thickening up from the north-west with a dusting of snow (above 1800m-2000m) possible in the northern Alps later this afternoon, possibly a bit further south overnight, but not amounting to anything significant.


Saturday may start cloudy in places, but this will soon break up to allow a mostly sunny day with freezing levels around 2300-2500m.


Sunday will also see plenty of sun in the mountains, with little change in temperature. 

Méribel, France – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 4 December 2015 High cloud thickening in Méribel ahead of a weak weather front - Photo:


Friday afternoon will be dry with plenty of sunshine across most Italian resorts, though there is some high cloud in the west that will thicken up further later in the day. A few light showers are possible close to the French and western Swiss border regions tonight (dusting of snow above 1800m), but most places will stay dry.


Saturday and Sunday will be dry with plenty of sunshine, and freezing levels around 2400-2700m. 

Ortler, Sudtirol, Italy – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 4 December 2015 Mostly sunny today on the southern side of the Alps. This is the Ortler mountain in the Sudtirol - Photo:


Friday afternoon will see some sunshine hang on in the south-east. Otherwise, cloud will continue to thicken with a little light rain in the north and west later, continuing for a time this evening, with a dusting of snow above 1800m.


Saturday will see any early cloud break up, with plenty of sunshine in store for the mountains. It will be relatively mild with freezing levels around 2300-2500m.


It will remain mostly sunny and quite mild on Sunday

Villars, Switzerland – Weather to ski – Snow forecast, 4 December 2015 Cloud this afternoon in Villars, with a few showers likely later - Photo:


With high pressure still in control for most of next week it will again be mostly dry with plenty of sunshine. However, a little rain (snow 1800m) is possible across some northern fringes of the Alps next week, with a more marked change in the weather pattern likely to begin next weekend.


As mentioned earlier, it is too early go into any details, but there is increasing optimism that we will see a serious return to winter before the start of the Christmas week.

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Tuesday 8 December 2015, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates