Latest snow forecast

Updated: 10.30am Tuesday 3 November 2015

Welcome to our first official snow forecast of the 2015-16 season!


The weather in the Alps has been exceptionally mild in recent days, and temperatures will remain well above average for some time to come.


Today (Tuesday) we have to contend with some showers in the south-western Alps, with a little snow at high altitude, but for most of the Alps it will be fine and warm all week. 

Detailed forecast:


Tuesday will see virtually wall to wall sunshine in the mountains, with exceptionally warm temperatures for the time of year (19°C, for example, in Kitzbühel).


Wednesday will remain mostly fine, but there will be more in the way of cloud around, especially in the south-western regions close to the Italian border. It will be a fraction cooler, but still warm for the time of year.


On Thursday, the best of the sunshine will be in the western Austrian Alps (e.g. Sölden), while eastern regions will see more in the way of cloud with the odd light shower. 

Mölltal, Austria - 3 November 2015 View from the Mölltal glacier today - 3 November 2015 - Photo:


Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with showers, mostly in the southern French Alps, but perhaps extending further north at times. Precipitation totals will generally be modest, but a few centimetres of snow are possible here and there above 2500m.


Wednesday will see a return to mostly sunny and mild weather in the mountains, with freezing levels approaching 3000m. This fine, warm weather will continue into Thursday

Tignes, France - 3 November 2015 Rather cloudy today in Tignes - 3 November 2015 - Photo:


The western Italian Alps (e.g. Cervinia) will be mostly cloudy on Tuesday, with occasional showers and a little high altitude snow (2500m). Most other regions will be dry, with plenty of sunshine in the eastern Italian Alps (e.g. Val Senales).


Wednesday and Thursday will be dry with variable cloud, but plenty of sunshine for most regions, with freezing levels back up towards or above 3000m. 

Plan Maison, Cervinia, Italy - 3 November 2015 Cloudy with a chance of showers today in Cervinia - 3 November 2015 - Photo:


The far west and south-west of Switzerland (e.g. Zermatt) will see more in the way of cloud today (Tuesday), with the odd shower close to the border regions (snow 2500m).


Elsewhere it will be mostly fine and warm, with the best of the sunshine in the east.


Wednesday and Thursday will be mostly fine, with plenty of sunshine and freezing levels close to 3000m. 


It looks like remaining mostly fine and very mild for the foreseeable future.

Next detailed snow forecast will be on Friday 6 November 2015, but see Today in the Alps for daily updates